About Us


Welcome to Candles d’Myrtis!

Established in 2012, Candles d’Myrtis is a candle manufacturing company based in Henderson, Nevada, and we are proud to say that our candles are made in the U.S.A. We consider our candles to have an elegant, classy, edgy style that would appeal to any candle lover. Our purpose is to design a candle that radiates art and beauty in wax, as well as create a candle that is functional and pleasing to the senses of sight and smell. Additionally, our candles are customized to your preference of color and décor. Each of our candle lines is evolving as our Artisans develop new techniques, which expands our creativity and adds uniqueness to our candles.

We fuse wax with craftsmanship.  It is our mission to illuminate your life with the pure and essential artistry of our candles.  Each handcrafted candle is as unique as you are.  Our candles will enrich your space, mood and moments.

Our Candles

The uniqueness of each line of our candles is attributed to a special dual-wax technique that combines multiple colors and textures, which creates a durable embossed exterior shell that keeps the candle intact as it burns, preserving the integrity of the candle; and which also provides an aesthetically pleasing interior core that shimmers as the wax settles into its remarkable crater formation, otherwise known as the “crater effect”. Once lit, you will begin to experience the brilliance and luminescence designed into your Candles d’Myrtis candle. Even after the burn, you may continue to use your multi-functional candle art as a piece of decor.

Environmentally Friendly – Made from 100% nonresidual vegetable palm wax.

Clean Burning – Candles are soot free, making it healthier.

Handcrafted – Our candles are consistent in size, shape and color but each one is hand crafted and has its own unique characteristics.  No two are exactly alike!

Made in USA